Monday, 28 April 2014

Avon Calming Effects Loose Powder Foundation

So I'm not sure about you guys but with it coming to the warmer days I don't really like caking my face in a lot of make up, mainly due to the fact it would probably be dripping off my face through out the day. As I work in a place that can be pretty hot I prefer something that's a nice coverage but light to wear. 

With all this in mind I stumbled across this little beauty coming out in the Avon booky. Avon Calming Effects Loose Powder Foundation £10.50, being a fan of their mineral powder foundation I figured I would give this stuff a go. It aims to be blendable and buildable giving you lovlely healthy looking skin with a built in SPF of 15. I figured why not give it a go and went for the shade nude.

When you lift the lid there's a little mirror built in and a little plastic thingy (cant think what to call it) that when you close the lid it presses down a little section so when you shake the pot some of the loose powder comes through on to the base, you then take a brush swirl it in the base bitty then give the brush a little tap to remove any of the excess powder. I then take the brush and use swirl movements round my face building up a good coverage. I really love this stuff it honestly feels that I'm wearing hardly any foundation. The packaging is lovely and simple, you get a good amount for your money and you wont be needing a lot either so it will last you a good long time.

Below I have taken photos on how I use it with Before and After photos I have even included bare face photo of myself (cringe) and a close up so you guys can see the difference this stuff does.

This is defiantly my new summer favourite product its just perfect with how light it is and the coverage is amazing.

Have you guys tried any loose powder foundation? What was your thoughts on it?

Hope you guys have enjoyed this post, it is good to be back.

Lots of Lovies

Sunday, 27 April 2014

Me, Myself and I

Aloha you lovely lovely bunch of people that are reading this

So I haven't blogged in a few weeks as I hadn't been really feeling like myself. I had been feeling rather down and quite negative which isn't like me at all. I was being really harsh on myself on anything I was doing, even my blog posts weren't sounding like me so I would just delete them.

Feeling like this defiantly wasn't like me so I took some me time, watched dvds and tv ( I rarely watch tv), I got all caught up on The Vampire Diaries and Made In Chelsea. I got my hair done, spent time with friends. My dad and my brother came up to visit from England it was great seeing them and spending time with them. Been spending time with Gordee getting all settled into our house and I slowly started to feel more like myself. We went and bought a proper camera the other day and since I got my hands on it I been snapping away like a mad woman. I am even going to get back into the gym, my bestie Mel and I are going back for a refresher at the weekend and are planning on being each others motivators. Will be a good way of getting out the house and getting good exercise.Taking some time out and focusing on me was kinda what I needed. I have no idea what made me feel like that but I can safely say I am over it now and back to thinking more positive and more like my happy self. 

I hope you guys are all good, I'm glad I'm back and I cannot wait to get back into blogging.

Lots of Lovies

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Adventures #1 (sorry in advance for all the photos)

Hi guys hope you are all good

Apologies on the blog being a bit quiet this week my works been super busy and I have been finding my self really tired when I get in. I have a ton of post ideas in my notebook and photos at the ready so I plan on getting myself a little more organised in the next few days and I will be blogging more frequently.

Until then, I put on my Tuesday Check In that I was going to go on a little Adventure with Gordee and my friends this weekend. We went to a place called the Highland Wildlife Park one of my favourite places for a fun day out so here is the snaps from my trip.

Hogwarts Express 


I Love this Boy
Can you see the 2 Owls?
My Favourite
On the road home :)
Sorry about all the photos haha. That's not even half the amount I took I just shared with you guys some of my favourites. We had such a great day seeing the animals but what's most spectacular out there is the scenery. Makes you realise and appreciate where you live. I'm so happy to live in such a lovely part of Scotland. After we seen all the animals we went to a place called Aviemore to a restaurant called Papa Rock which done the most amazing veggie burger.
Hope you guys enjoyed this post, comment below I love reading what you guys are saying.
If you are interested in ever coming up/over to Scotland I thoroughly recommend this place, you can check it out here
Lots of Lovies

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Check In Tuesday #8

    Can we just appreciate this pic ^^^^ I badly wish I was there right now. I have missed my little check in with you guys I hope you are all well. So in case you have missed any of my previous Check Ins this is my weekly post where I just pretty much ramble about things that have been happening in my life
  • So I had a little date night few Fridays ago with the bf Gordee and we went to see Need for Speed. Now I didn't think I was going to like it at all, I'm not a fan of car films but I think it having Arron Paul also known as Jesse from Breaking Bad made me actually love it and I'm not gonna lie I now have a bit of a crush on him now.
  • I have gotten older and turned 25!!
  • Gordee and I moved house and we are all settled in, its starting to feel like home. Winston our black cat is also getting settled in too. We are like a happy little family.
  • I'm getting stuck in to my Harry Potter books, so much things in the books that's not in the films although the films are still awesome.
  • Gordee and I have started to watch The Walking Dead and OMG! I am very scared by zombies but I am managing to watch it. At the scary parts I just hide under my panda blanket.
  • I am due an upgrade for my phone I currently have the iPhone4 but its time to trade her up for something new, I am loving the look of the iPhone 5s and the Camera has much better quality photos. We shall see what I decide.
  • I have had 10 days off work with moving house and getting all settled in I also met friends, had a driving lesson, got a facial and just enjoyed some time off. Now I'm back at work and feels so strange, I will get back into a routine soon enough.
  • I been trying out a few new make up bits so expect reviews on them in the next few weeks ;)
  • Also I'm going on a little trip with some friends and Gordee at the weekend and I'm very excited, I will be taking photos and I do plan on blogging about it so I'm not going to say much about it just 2 words "cute animals"
That's really all from me today my lovelies, I haven't been up to that much but still wanted to put up a little check in seen as how I didn't when we were moving. I hope you enjoyed it none the less and I look forward to next weeks one, hopefully it will be tad more exciting.

Till next time

Lots of Lovies

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Monday, 7 April 2014

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Micro Polish

Hellooooo! How are we all doing? Hope you are all well and enjoying the lighter days, spring is here Wooooo!

Todays post is all about a lovely product from Superdrugs Naturally Radiant range, as its coming up to spring summer times its time to change up a little of the skincare routine and get it all prepared for seeing the actual sun. With that in mind I went for the ranges Brightening Micro Polish.

Start off I find the packaging lovely with its pale green background and dark green font . I also love the little like mirror lines that go across the front which to me reminds me of the suns rays. On the front it mentions how this lovely little product is infused with plant extracts, Awakening your skins natural glow and refines and smooth's. The product is in a squeezy tube which helps you get the right amount you need.

On the back of product it gives some information on it being formulated with a unique energising complex and its infused with kiwi fruit and mulberry extract, it is also enriched with blueberry seeds and fruit acids. The polish itself exfoliates the dead skin helping to refine your skins texture and improve any discolouration leaving a smooth, luminous complexion.

The Kiwi Fruit is rich in vitamin C, which help brighten and even out skin tone. Mulberry Fruit has naturally strong brightening properties in it which helps with discoloration and also evens out skin tone. Now your Fruit Acids they help by naturally exfoliating the skin refining your skins texture and surface.

I have been using this little baby for over a month now and I love it. It recommends to only use it once or twice a week so with that in mind I usually use it once during the week and once on a weekend day. I normally use it on an evening after removing any make up and have cleansed my face. I squeeze out some of the product about the size of a 5p (smallest penny we have over here in the uk) and massage it in circular motions round my face. Its hard to explain the smell but I'm sure you can guess with all those plant extracts it smells amazing. I then splash my face with a little water going round in circular motions again getting the scrub into a nice lather, then simply rinse off. Leaving my skin feeling pampered.
I love this product, from its packaging, its fruity smell, all the good ingredients that are in it and to top it all off its at such a good price I would defiantly recommend it.

Superdrug Naturally Radiant Micro Polish £4.99
^This product is on offer at the moment where its only £2.48^

Have you guys tried any of the Naturally Radiant range from Superdrug? What did you think of it and would you recommend any to try out?

Lots of Lovies

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Super Lazy Sunday

Hi Guys

How are you all doing? So its Sunday and the boy and I are having a pretty lazy day, I'm getting all caught up on blog posts and youtube vids as I missed so much with having no internet for a few days in the new house. I'm still going through the youtube vids that I have missed out on but before I carry them on I thought I would still post up something on the blog.

What I thought I would share with you today is some of my recent Instagram snaps showing you the simple things of what I have been up to the past few weeks. Now if your anything like me I am rather addicted to Instagram. Out of facebook, twitter and Instagram its the one app I cant live without. I usually post up pics everyday usually one or 2 pics if I see something I want to share with you beauties.

Row 1 L-R: Winston not being very helpful packing, white chocolate bunny as a little treat, Gordee and I had noodles one night for our dinner I love the bowls we have :)
Row 2 L-R: Essie nail polish in Peach Daiquiri, lovely bunch of flowers our friends Mark and Lyndsey brought round to the new house, my amazing panda socks!
Row 3 L-R: Clarins minis I got as a freebie after a facial, morning routine while being off work is a cuppa green tea and read my Harry Potter book, my favourite new candle smells so good.
Row 1 L-R: pic of my friends Katie and Karen and I getting ready for a night out, little Winston and his teddy Cuddles, Selfie on my birthday.
Row 2 L-R: pic of Winston and I, my amazing birthday cake my ever so talented friend Karen baked, some items I treated myself to on my birthday.
Row 3 L-R: my first experience with macaroons, I am loving these lip butters I got as a birthday present, after all the birthday celebrations and packing the flat a lovely treat of cake and tea.
Hope you have enjoyed this post, what have you guys been up to this weekend? anything fun and exciting or has it been a nice chilled out one?
Also if you guys are on Instagram I'm over at SparklySJ, leave me a comment if your on Instagram and what your username is so I can have a peek.
Love you guys
Lots of Lovies